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2)Uses of MDMA: Like any other product, MDMA is used for mutiple uses which could be recreational or leisure. For recreational uses, MDMA is known as the ''party drug'' since it is known to boost and make people under its influence more flexible and in a party mood. MDMA is also known to be a hallucinogen(psychedelic) which induces hallucinations like other psychedelics; LSD, DMT, magic mushrooms and many more.
3) Effects of MDMA: MDMA's effects vary from person to person and also the method of consumption. It can be snorted or swallowed and it is also advice not to be taken with other drugs like alcohol, marijuana and others. According to research, the effects of MDMA are; Nausea, increased energy, euphoria, mild hallucination, increased temperature, teeth grinding.
4)How to use MDMA: MDMA exists in different forms, it could be snorted or swallowed depending on the user.


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